Dopo circa 1 anno sono tornata a New York City, mi è mancata davvero tanto.

In un anno sono accadute tante cose, belle e brutte ma di grande valore ed esperienza.

Ora fa tanto freddo fuori, sto vedendo in tv “You’ve Got a Mail” uno dei miei film preferiti e mi è venuta voglia di scrivere.

E’ bello poterlo fare qui, è bello poter condividere pensieri e soprattutto emozioni.

Parlando di New York, quanti articoli o lettere sono state scritte… I’ll try to write something in english, just to respect this fantastic city and country.

Since the beginning, this amazing city gives me special sensations: warmth, color, light, smile and welcome, great business opportunity! 

As tell the best stories, very soon I Knew the dark side of Manhattan: people is not always nice as it appears, often they are not very intuitive and problem solvers and it’s so strange because they created the “team building” strategy and the “problem solving”. At the end, after fights, tears, suffering and sacrifices, I have found a way to communicate and to understand american people.

The communication must be clear and simple, at all levels of relationship, friendship or business.

For each action, there is a procedure, I declare it and then I do it. In a formal and polite way.

Do you want meet me? Answer: “ok, no problem (positive answer). I’m available in this day from this hour to this hour. We could eat something together (for lunch or dinner) or do you prefer take a coffee? (in this case the Other is free to stay a little time with you, without tell you!)”

Do you want talk with me about business? Answer: “Oh great! It’s a good idea! You could do it! Incredible opportunity for you (if you don’t like the idea!), incredible opportunity for both (if you like the idea!). We could do a complementary work and I could give you some tips to make the business extraordinary (You must sell yourself and your ideas as indispensable for them, they have the marketing in the blood and they can do business only with brilliant people that do the same)”.

With a group of people that you meet for the first time, what we could talk about? Answer: Work, business, money (they want to know the net year incoming), new project, the life in other country, the global warming, respect for animal, vegans, organic elements, italian food. Never, and I said never, talk about personal matters like: emotions, feelings, family life. The risk increases if you talk about age, religion, political and sexual opinions (they can create a legal battle for this!)

Knock knock! Who’s there? Answer: “A friend, who comes in peace and that want give you an opportunity (for have more money, contacts, funny time, solutions, help in case)”.

This is the human nature, just “country you visit, customs you find”. It doesn’t exist a good way or a bad way, just different. You can easily adapt, if you want. And I want.

During all these relationships, New York is the background, She has seen a lot of story.

She was born in 1524 , when the Florentine (from Florence, Italy) explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano discovered the island, at the mouth of the Hudson River, and takes it in the name of the French king Francis I, who commissioned the journey.

In 1609 the Englishman Henry Hudson and his men went in with their ship in the bay of New York. What they saw was a wild island covered with gigantic chestnut and oak, with marshes and grasslands, populated by wild turkeys, deer and black bears of North America.
That island was inhabited by the Lenape people, indigenous people who have always lived in those territories, and they called their land Mannahatta (island of many hills).

I have my version about “Manhattan”: MAN – HAT – TAN

MAN humanity, mix of emotions and rationality, love and money.

HAT cap, cover, top, get over, overcome, everyone likes to be protected.

TAN tanning, bronze, colors, mix of ethnic groups without discrimination.

It isn’t a dream, It’s a name and a place that already exists!

I promise, I will be back as soon as possible because I love you.